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Researchers Investigate Iodine Rinse as Treatment for COVID-19

COVID-19 immunizations are the foundation of stopping the spread of the virus, keeping us safe and getting back to normal, but even as vaccines roll out and cases plummet across the province, research into treatment options remains a crucial element in the global fight against COVID-19.

At the St. Paul’s Sinus Centre, a team of researchers is investigating whether an inexpensive and widely available over-the-counter medication could be used to stop COVID-19 in its tracks.

Povidone iodine, known by the brand name Betadine, is a topical antiseptic – a substance that kills and prevents the growth of microorganisms. It is commonly used to help heal wounds and disinfect skin before and after surgery. It has also been used with success at the St. Paul’s Sinus Centre as a nasal rinse to treat chronic inflammation diseases of the nasal cavity.

The purpose of this new study is to determine if povidone-iodine used in a sinus rinse and throat gargles or gel nasal spray are effective treatments for patients diagnosed with COVID-19.

Stopping the disease early

“We believe that this treatment will be a game-changer for COVID-19,” says Principal Investigator Dr. Amin Javer, Director and Head of the St. Paul’s Sinus Centre. “While most groups are working on developing a vaccine or treatments for hospitalized and severe patients, we are working on stopping the disease in an early stage, when the symptoms are mild and we can delay the spread of the virus to the lungs.”

How to participate

If you are isolating at home with COVID-19 and interested in participating in this research study, please contact the research coordinator by email at or by phone at 604-806-9926.

The whole study will be conducted remotely. Phone or video calls are available to answer any questions or concerns.


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