President's Message

A message from our President, Dr. Darryl Knight

Dr. Darryl Knight

A Message from our President, Dr. Darryl Knight

Providence Research – A Place to Conduct World-Class Research

Leading Edge Research

Providence Research is the research engine of Providence Health Care, and is home to several globally recognized research centres and clinical academic research groups. The research undertaken at Providence plays a pivotal role in understanding disease states while pioneering methods of treatment, in the areas of heart and lung disease, cardiovascular innovation, kidney disease, HIV/AIDS, sepsis, aging, mental health and substance use.

World Renowned Scientists

This high profile research conducted under the umbrella of Providence Research, has driven continual improvements in grant funding success and the recruitment of outstanding scientists and clinician-scientists. We host more than 250 full-time investigators and nearly 1,000 Ph.D. and graduate student staff who employ a sophisticated array of tools and research techniques, to answer complex questions relevant to human health.

Innovating for Improved Patient Care and Outcomes

As an integral component of an academic hospital affiliated with the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University, we take pride in our researchers and programs that actively explore new ways of mentoring and teaching trainees and improving the health of our community. We believe our research programs not only make for a robust learning environment, but also lead to better patient care. The integration of research, education and care is what makes our Institute’s mission a possibility.

Focusing on the Future

Driven by a central vision of excellence we are excited about the future at Providence Research. Our revised Strategic Plan focuses on:

  • Facilitating cross-disciplinary collaboration in health and medical research; 
  • Translating health research into the community, 
  • Harnessing a range of sciences, 
  • Engineering and digital strategies to address the needs of the populations we serve; 
  • Engaging with policy leaders and industry partners to develop and share solutions for the health sector.

This common vision of excellence within our organization drives our research programs and discovery to be provincial, national and international in scope. Join us in our pursuit of real life health solutions to improve the lives of our patients today and in the future.


Dr. Darryl Knight
President, Providence Research, Vice-President, Research & Academic Affairs, Providence Health Care, 
Associate Dean, Research, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia