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Research in the Real World: New Training Program Focuses on Crucial Communications Skills

Conducting research is one thing, sharing it beyond the scientific community is quite another.

But communicating research knowledge with diverse audiences is essential if health scientists want to ensure their work has impact. Whether the goal is to steer public opinion, influence policy, gain widespread recognition or translate findings into better patient care – effective communication matters.

This is something Kimia Shahangian understands well. As a Scientific Marketing Specialist at Vancouver-based biotech company STEMCELL Technologies, she creates content to help scientists find resources and technologies to streamline their workflow in the lab and achieve faster results.

Kimia Shahangian

“As someone who is passionate about science communication, I enjoy the critical thinking skills required by this role to understand and communicate complex scientific content while employing creativity to spark the reader’s interest,” she says.

Shahangian completed her MSc in Experimental Medicine at the University of British Columbia. A graduate student at the UBC Centre for Heart Lung Innovation (HLI) at St. Paul’s Hospital from 2016 to 2019, she worked with Dr. Don Sin studying the immune response to pandemic influenza infection in the context of asthma.

The transition from academic life to the working world highlighted the importance of certain skills that aren’t generally taught in school, she says.     

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