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Providence respirologists urge more vaping regulations as lung related illnesses mount

With every new day, there’s a new story on a disturbing link that seems to be emerging between severe respiratory illnesses and people who use e-cigarettes, or vape.

The latest news on this disturbing relationship was on September 26, where American officials announced that the death toll from vaping-related breathing illnesses had reached 12, with 805 illnesses.

A Montreal man was confirmed as the first Canadian case of a vaping-related lung illness.

And an Ontario teenager was hospitalized days before, after developing a serious respiratory problem although that case hasn’t been confirmed as a vaping-related illness.

But a backlash against the practice is gaining momentum as regulators, health-care officials and others are calling for everything from a ban on advertising e-cigarettes to young people, to an outright ban on vaping.

The devices used to vape heat nicotine, or in some cases THC, the active ingredient in cannabis, along with flavourings and other chemicals. When they first came on the market several years ago, they were touted as a way to quit smoking.

Read the full story on the Daily Scan.

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