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Program Director Update

I am pleased to announce that Julie Lajeunesse has accepted the Program Director, Urban Health & Substance Use role as Scott Harrison continues on his LTD.  Over the last three years, Julie has been the Program Director for Renal and will continue to support this team while work continues on the realignment of the leadership structure in preparation for the New St. Paul’s Hospital.

Additionally, I want to acknowledge Jen Duff’s departure from PHC in mid-August and take this time to announce Sue Fuller-Blamey will be providing interim support as Program Director, Maternity Services.  Sue will be taking this on in addition to her current role as Director for Outpatient Services and Holy Family Rehab.

Please join me in congratulating and thanking both Julie and Sue for all their hard work and continued support. 


Darlene Emes

Executive Director, Acute Care