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Join the 2022 PHC Practice-Based Research Challenge!

PHOTO: Christine Adair with her team.

Are you interested in research & patient care improvement? Join the PHC Practice-Based Research Challenge!

Picture this:

A team of cardiac nurses led by Stephanie Gilroy improved care and management of patients undergoing cardiac ablation; a team in the Mental Health program, led by Michelle Carter and Ange Russolillo, highlighted the need to systematically review and assess the consequences of workplace violence on unit culture, and made suggestions for improvements to violence reporting and prevention within mental health settings; a team of dietitians led by Christie Adair studied Vitamin D levels in kidney transplant patients and made recommendations to improve the health of this group of patients.  

Since 2010, the PHC Professional Practice Office and Providence Research (along with BCNU, HSABC, the Professorship in Cardiovascular Nursing, and the Transplant Research Foundation) have supported teams of point-of-care nurses, PTs, OTs, dietitians, pharmacists, speech-language pathologists, social workers and others who have contributed to practice change and improvements in patient care through small-scale research projects conducted in their own practice settings. CHEOS staff have supported, advised and mentored numerous Research Challenge teams over the past 10 years. The Research Challenge brings evidence-based practice to life and demonstrates how research at the bedside can improve patient outcomes.

The Research Challenge is designed to support point-of-care staff who don’t have research experience, but are keen to take on a project. The Practice-Based Research Challenge will help you learn about research and conduct your own clinical practice project; provide information, mentorship, and funding; and answer a question you have about your own clinical practice.

Research can be conducted on your area of interest, and Person and Family-centred Care continues to be a focus, so all teams must include patient/family input in their projects.

Attend a virtual Q&A session, January 26, noon to 1 pm:

Meeting ID: 659 7006 2989
Passcode: 172538

If you'd like to join the Research Challenge, fill out a short application describing your research question. Details here:

General questions? Contact Aggie Black: