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How can we prevent overdose after early departure from hospital?

People who use drugs are more likely than non-drug users to leave hospital before it is medically recommended, which is associated with a tripling of short-term mortality. A new study led by CHÉOS Scientist Dr. John Staples seeks to determine whether these deaths are the result of overdose and, if so, how they can be prevented.

Dr. John Staples

“People depart hospital against medical advice for a range of reasons including inadequate treatment of pain, insufficient management of opioid withdrawal, stigmatization of substance use disorder, and challenges coping with the psychological stress of illness,” explained Dr. Staples, an Internal Medicine physician based at Vancouver General Hospital and a Clinical Assistant Professor at UBC. These factors, along with others, can also increase the risk of subsequent overdose.

“We have existing evidence-based programs that help reduce overdose risk, like take-home naloxone kits and low-barrier follow-up addictions care,” said Dr. Staples. “This project will inform how these treatments are deployed after unplanned hospital departure.”


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