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Health care transformation begins with great ideas!

At Providence Health Care, we define a learning organization as one that puts an emphasis on its continual transformation and the learning of its people. 

We know that most highly successful organizations have a clear process for bringing forward new ideas and potential changes so that everyone has the opportunity and feels empowered to do so.  And that's why today we are launching Ideas: Forward

Ideas: Forward is a place for all PHC staff, medical staff and researchers to go when they have a great idea, but aren't sure how to make it a reality.

Ideas: Forward will:

  • Help you to further develop your  idea;
  • Help you to navigate PHC's internal structures;
  • Connect you with like-minded ideas;
  • Provide you with tools to help you move your idea forward;
  • Facilitate access to internal resources.

Why are we launching Ideas: Forward?

Providence's Mission: Forward Strategic Plan speaks to the need to create space for our people to take calculated risks in an effort to dream up new ideas – no matter how small, disruptive, or transformational those ideas might be.

Given Providence's size, and ability to be more agile than larger health organizations, we aspire to become the “go-to" place to prototype new ideas, incubate novel concepts, and test creative theories.

We have an extraordinary track record of research and discovery — an enterprise that we plan to scale up and bring to every corner of Providence. Ideas: Forward will help with this bold aspiration.

Idea: Forward will help us draw on the deep knowledge, experience and passion staff, medical staff and researchers have from their different roles, to make the patient and resident experience and work environment at Providence even better. There is so much talent and diversity in the backgrounds and experiences of Providence's people.

What ideas are you looking for?

Your improvement ideas can be as specific as how you would make the waiting room on your unit more comfortable for patients or as large as a new model of care delivery you would like to implement with your care team.  Or if you work in a non-clinical area, maybe you want to advance your idea to improve collaboration amongst your team members who work remotely and those who are working on-site.  

Your idea may have the potential to impact the lives of millions of people. But a great idea is not enough. To turn your concept into reality, you need the right resources and expertise to make it happen.

Who will help support my idea if it is selected to move forward?

There are several ways that ideas may be supported across the organization, including:

If you are unsure of which of these teams to contact please use this form to tell us about your idea.  Once you have filled out this form someone from Ideas: Forward will contact you and walk you through the next steps.  

Can outside organizations submit ideas or partnership opportunities?

Ideas: Forward is designed for PHC staff and medical staff.  Later this fall, PHC will launch a similar process to make is easier for external partners to connect with the right teams and services within PHC.

How do I submit an idea?

Please go here to submit your idea today.

Once you have filled out this​ easy form someone from the Ideas: Forward team will contact you and walk you through the next steps.    

While not every idea can be moved forward due to finite resources (including money) and capacity we will do what we can to help.    ​​