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Overdose Prevention Sites give Health, Social Benefits: Research

The expansion of overdose prevention sites (OPS) in Vancouver in recent years is linked to a range of health benefits, including more connection to addiction treatment and decreased public injection and syringe sharing, new research says.

World AIDS Day: BC's Success Story Shows Strength of Treatment as Prevention

On December 1st we celebrate World AIDS Day, an opportunity to reflect on our challenges and successes four decades into the battle against HIV/AIDS.

Around the world there are nearly 38 million people living with HIV and about 1.5 million new infections per year. A recent report by the World Health Organization estimates the number of people with the virus being treated with antiretrovirals had risen to 27.5 million – an increase of almost 10 per cent over the last year. Encouraging but not enough

Bringing health innovation to life at Providence

Providence's medical staff, staff and researchers have an impressive track record of making innovative contributions to medical and compassionate care here and across the world.

Welcome to the Future: Robots in Long-term Care

The name Helen didn’t really work. Neither did other typical names, such as David or Susan. But Giggles just seemed the perfect fit to Jim Mann. He is a patient partner — diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s 15 years ago — and study co-lead for a new project looking at how robots can be used to reduce social isolation in long-term care (LTC).

Soul Food - Cutting Food Waste in Long-term Care

As a medical coordinator in the long-term care residence at Holy Family Hospital, Dr. Eileen Wong has seen it first-hand. “During team conferences with long-term care residents and their families, food was a frequent topic of concern,” she says.