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Using health economics to find a better way to screen for prostate cancer

CHÉOS Scientists are testing the cost-effectiveness of a new blood test that aims to avoid the unnecessary health complications and costs of current methods

Blood test could prevent COVID-19 patients from getting sicker

From being asymptomatic to developing life-threatening symptoms, it’s become clear that people infected with COVID-19 respond to the virus with vastly different degrees of severity.

Study finds evidence of preserved hearing at end of life

A recent study shows that some people may still be able to hear while in an unresponsive state at the end of their life.

From HIV to COVID-19: How research pivoted in the face of the pandemic

Almost overnight, this researcher dropped her thesis work and pivoted all her attention to SARS-CoV-2.

Indigenous Canadians help change kidney care for their communities

Kidney Check is a screening, triage and treatment program for Indigenous communities in rural or remote parts of Canada, including British Columbia.

St. Paul’s researcher on masks and physical distancing: they work

The World Health Organization (WHO) commissioned the study, hoping to get clarity so it could prepare recommendations.

Memo: PHCRI Resumption of Research Activities - June 2, 2020

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, Providence Health Care Research Institute (PHCRI) will commence a gradual, phased resumption of research at Providence Health Care (PHC) by following the guidelines set out by the BC Public Health Officer and the principles, prioritization and contextual information set out by UBC. The approach, however, will also be aligned with PHCRI and PHC requirements.

Handheld ultrasound technology will help diagnose COVID-19 faster

As part of a Digital Technology Supercluster pilot project, 50 handheld ultrasound scanners are being distributed to physicians in rural areas around the province.

Antiviral drug used to treat Hep C may help COVID-19 patients, new study finds

Data analysis experts at the PROOF (Prevention of Organ Failure) Centre played a central role in a new study that found a readily available antiviral drug could be used to treat COVID-19.

PHCRI Updated Memo Re: PHCRI Research Activity

In accordance with guidance from the Provincial Health Officer, UBC will be extending its curtailment of research activities until April 30, 2020.  PHCRI will adopt the same extension deadline.