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UBC Research Nurse Hiring 


Work Location:                 St. Paul’s Hospital, Providence Health Care


Job Category:                    M&P - AAPS                                                       

Job Profile:                         Nursing, Level A

Department:                      Dept. of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Faculty of Medicine, UBC


Compensation Range:   $6,068.92 - $8,724.25 per month (annual equivalent of $72,827 to 104,691) depending on seniority 


Job Start Date:                  March 1, 2024 (or March 15, 2024)

Status:                                  Regular full-time for 8 months

Job End Date:                    Nov 1, 2024 (or Nov 15, 2024)



Job Summary


The Research Nurse is primarily responsible for running two prospective cohort studies and one pilot RCT on continuous monitoring devices at St. Paul’s Hospital. The Research Nurse advises and assists with research projects protocol design, research ethics board application, recruitment, monitoring alerts for abnormal vitals captured by the study devices and notifying the clinical care team, data collection, ongoing follow-up of research subjects and manuscript submissions. The amount of time dedicated to various projects will depend on the status and progress of the current projects. The Research Nurse must be able to communicate effectively and respectfully with researchers, clinicians, industry partners, hospital staff and study participants. The Research Nurse will need to be comfortable working independently for the majority of the time. The Research Nurse will also help with managing study funds and paying casual staff. 


The position is primarily in-person, however some component of remote work can be negotiated. 


If the Research Nurse is interested, there are additional opportunities to monitor for and report vital sign alerts during weekends/evenings with call stipend and additional pay; however, this is not necessary, and these evening/weekend positions will be contracted out to casual staff.


The studies related to this position are led by doctors at Anesthesia Department at St. Pau’s Hospital – Drs. Janny Ke, Charles Yu, Ron Ree, and Carl Brown. The Research Nurse will work independently and within standard and acceptable boundaries for ethical and competent research practice. The Research Nurse will report directly to the principle investigators.


Education, Training and Experience


  • Registered Nurse with current practicing registration with the BC College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM).
  • 5 years of experience working in clinical environments will be preferred.
  • Previous research training or experiences will be preferred, particularly for RCT and cohort studies.


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