Register for Hacking Wounds: A Skunkworks Event

Here are the ways you can get involved: You can be a Challenge Champion or an Innovator, or you can be both!

Be a Challenge Champion (submit a problem or challenge):

If you have a challenge related to wounds and would like to find a multidisciplinary team of innovators to help solve it, then submit it here!

Registration open until all seats filled.


Need help? Click here for tips on submitting a challenge or problem.


Register as an Innovator

Begin your journey of catalyzing innovation and transforming health care. The skunkworks event needs visionaries, technically proficient individuals, healthcare professionals, and patient/family partners like you from disciplines including engineering, science, business, and health sciences to address barriers in prevention and management of wounds.

This is an incredible opportunity to gain new skills, experience, and to utilize your skills within a multidisciplinary team and have a real impact on British Columbia’s population. Registration is limited to Providence Health Care, Providence Research, staff from partnering health authorities, affiliated academic partners, and patient partners. On the day of the event, there will be a lead assigned to each team. As this event is PHC focused, the identified lead will be from PHC or Providence Research.

You could win prizes by registering before September 1! Space is limited.

Registration open until all seats filled.


Once you complete the form you will receive more information on next steps.