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PHCRI and MSFHR partner for inaugural Health Professional-Investigator Award

PHCRI is delighted to partner with the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research on the inaugural Health Professional-Investigator Award, supporting exceptional health professionals in their research to find solutions towards challenges derived from their clinical practice settings.

This award funded 11 projects, including four researchers at Providence Health Care:  

  • Dr. Zachary Laksman, Cardiologist and Researcher, Centre for Heart Lung Innovation
    • Project title: Developing personalized anti-arrhythmic drug therapy for atrial fibrillation
  • Dr. Janice Leung, Physician and Researcher, Centre for Heart Lung Innovation
    • Project title: Understanding the aging HIV lung from dysbiosis to cell injury
  • Dr. Seonaid Nolan, Physician and Researcher, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
    • Project title: Addressing morbidity, mortality and health care costs among patients evaluated for addiction care in acute care settings
  • Dr. Andrew Thamboo, Otolaryngolist, St. Paul's Hospital
    • Project title: Understanding a potentially common upper airway disorder: Empty nose syndrome

For more information on this award, visit the MSFHR website.

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