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PHC Researchers funded in Fall 2017 CIHR Project Grant

Congratulations to all researchers who were successful in the Fall 2017 CIHR Project Grant competition! At Providence Health Care, 12 projects received funding. Here are the list of recipients, categorized by research centre: 

  • Nadia Fairbairn, BC-CfE
    • Project: Repurposing slow-release oral morphine as new oral alternative for the treatment of opioid use disorder
  • Viviane Dias Lima, BC-CfE
    • Project: What will it take to decrease the burden of the HIV and STI epidemics among MSM in British Columbia, Canada? A sexual network modeling analysis, combining syndemic theory, to evaluate the impact of behavioural and biomedical interventions for HIV and STI prevention
  • Skye Barbic, CHEOS
    • Project: Healthier by doing: Testing the effectiveness of a youth-centred employment/education intervention for young adults with mental illness
  • Jagbir Gill, CHEOS
    • Project: Canadian-Australasian Randomized Trial of Screening Kidney Transplant Candidates for Coronary Artery Disease (CARSK)
  • Pascal Bernatchez, HLI
    • Project: The critical role of plasma cholesterol in the pathogenesis of muscular dystrophy
  • John Boyd, HLI
    • Project: Organ donation after cardiac death: optimizing the donor heart.
  • Pat Camp, HLI
    • Project: Bayis Il Tus - A Strong Breath: Community-Based Research to Identify the Prevalence of and Contributors to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Remote and Rural First Nations Communities in British Columbia
    • Project: Niwh Yizt'iyh Hilht'iz Nets'eelh'iyh - Strengthening our Bodies: A Community-based Research Project to Create Pulmonary Tele-Rehabilitation in Remote and Rural First Nations Communities in Northern British Columbia
  • Gordon Francis, HLI
    • Project: Relative deficiency of lysosomal acid lipase in arterial smooth muscle cells as a novel target for atherosclerosis treatment and prevention
  • Tillie Hackett, HLI
    • Project: The Role of Small Airways Disease Heterogeneity in Asthma
  • Andrew Krahn, HLI / Cardiology
    • Project: HEARTBiT: A novel multi-marker blood test for management of acute cardiac allograft rejection
  • Bruce McManus, HLI and PROOF Centre of Excellence
    • Project: Risk prediction of sudden death in arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy: the Canadian ARVC registry 

In Canada, a total of 512 projects and 33 bridge grants were funded for a total of $372 million in funding from CIHR. 71 projects are from BC, of which 53 are from UBC. 12 among them are PHC-based. 

For the complete list of results and the CIHR announcement, see here.