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CIHR Foundation Grant funds researchers at PHCRI

The recent CIHR Foundation Grant competition funded 63 researchers across Canada. Of these researchers, nine are from BC; two of whom are PHCRI researchers: Dr. Lindsey Richardson from the BC-CfE and Dr. Keith Walley from the Centre for Heart Lung Innovation.

  • Dr. Lindsey Richardson, Researcher, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS         
    Project: Addressing the health impacts of socioeconomic marginalization among people who use illicit drugs
    Funding: $1,174,200 over 5 years
  • Dr. Keith Walley Director, Centre for Heart Lung Innovation
    Project: Translational research to improve sepsis outcomes
    Funding: $2,009,656 over 7 years

The CIHR Foundation Grant competition is designed to provide long-term support for established health researchers so that they may establish a sustainable foundation to pursue innovative and impactful research programs.  This is a significant achievement and testament to the relevance of their work in today’s health care landscape.

The full list of recipients can be found here on the CIHR website.