Providence Health Care Research Institute is the research enterprise of Providence Health Care and is affiliated with the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University. As a continuous learning organization, we pursue real life health solutions to challenges that directly impact the health of our patients.

We believe this research not only makes for a robust learning environment, but also leads to better patient care. The integration of research, education and care is what makes our Institute’s mission a possibility. 

At PHCRI, our research expertise include laboratory, clinical, and epidemiological research in the fields of HIV/AIDS, heart disease, renal disease, gastro-intestinal diseases, psychiatry, geriatrics, and much more.

About Our Research Centres and Programs


PHCRI's vision is to dramatically improve the treatment and overall health of patients and residents at Providence Health Care and beyond through relevant, ethical and inspired health research.


The PHC research community finds solutions to questions that arise from PHC care settings using high quality research. We acknowledge the rapidly changing health care environment and embrace the challenges it provides. We prioritize prevention, treatment and outcomes research questions that are relevant to PHC’s populations of emphasis. We mentor and train new researchers. We encourage novel research ideas such as interdisciplinary and interprofessional collaborations, knowledge transfer and partnerships with patients and communities.

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HIV/AIDS & Related Diseases

Our focus on research related to Providence Health Care’s population of emphasis has made us world leaders in treatment and prevention strategies for HIV/AIDS and related diseases.  Learn more

“We have an opportunity before us to expand the impact of our strategy that has all but eliminated AIDS. What we have done with HIV/AIDS we can do with other contagious diseases. We have the tools. We know we can do this.”
— Dr. Julio Montaner

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Heart & Lung

PHCRI hosts the Centre for Heart Lung Innovation, the Pacific Lung Health Centre, the Institute for Heart + Lung Health, the BC Centre for Improved Cardiovascular Health and the Heart Centre. Learn more

“Heart and lung diseases are the leading causes of death. Our research is inspired by our patients and their families to ensure discoveries lead to improved outcomes.”
— Dr. Keith Walley

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Cross-cutting Areas

Research expertise at PHCRI exist to inform treatment and best practices, and to health care for all patients. Such expertise include: colorectal research, data management, emergency medicine research, health outcomes research, health economics, hematology and knowledge translation. Learn more

“Our investigators bring their diverse expertise in statistics, methodology, clinical trials, health economics, clinical care, and epidemiology to inform health policy decision-making.”
— Dr. Aslam Anis

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